Sender ID Registration

Register your Sender ID with all Networks before you send SMS

To guanrantee better message delivery, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has made it compulsory that legitimate Bulk SMS users must register their Sender IDs with Operators before sending SMS.While other SMS providers may claim they can deliver Bulk SMS without registering your Sender ID, they cannot guanrantee you consistent delivery with your Sender ID intact without being changed into stuffs like “INFO”, “SMSINFO”, and other funny names other than the Sender Name you inputed before sending your message.

Sender ID registration was initiated by NCC to reduce incidence of Bulk SMS Spamming

Facts about Sender ID registration

Sender ID registration is compulsory to send SMS with Marketing Route

Sender ID registration does not guarantee message delivery to DND numbers

Unlimited Sender ID registration is allowed

Before you submit your Sender ID, note the following:

Only existing customer of is eligible to submit Sender ID on this platform.

Sender ID must not begin with a digit e.g 4YOU, 5STAR.

Sender ID cannot be more than 11 characters (note that space and special character would be counted as character).

Sender ID cannot be phone number e.g 08033335555.

Sender ID registration process will be completed between 1 and 2 business days after submitting it to us

Sender ID registration Form