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Defture SMS help document how to send bulksms on defture platform


To send SMS, use the Broadcast feature on Defture SMS web portal. It is a fast and easy way to send SMS.

How To Create a Broadcast

Step 1: Login to web portal

Login to your account on the web portal from with your username and password

Step 2: Locate the Communicate module

After logging in, on the top left corner of the page, navigate to the Communicate module, click Communicate icon. On the next page, click CREATE BROADCAST

Step 3: Choose a channel

Choose a channel (in this case, SMS).

Step 4: Name your broadcast

Scroll to the bottom left of the page and name your broadcast (any name is ok, give it a name to help you remember your broadcast).

Step 5: Add Recipients

You can add recipients in multiple ways

  1. Paste recipients into the To field. Please ensure your phone numbers have prefix 234 and separated by comma if you are adding more than one number e.g 2348023029865,2348050688999,2348050688996. If you are manually typing a single number, click Add for the system to add your number
  2. Add recipients from People. You must have add recipients to the People folder before. Click here to learn how to add recipients to People.
  3. Upload your own list of contacts. Click the Import Data button to upload your contacts. After you’ve uploaded the file, you will see the mapping data view. If possible, destinations will be mapped automatically. If not, you will be required to choose a column that contains the destination, such as a number or an email you are sending to.Additional parameters include Skip rows, which will help you skip header rows with column names in your file. Also, if you don’t have country prefixes added to the phone numbers, they can be added by clicking on the Add a country prefix, which is next to the number column.

Step 6: Select Sender

Type your registered Sender ID in the From field and click Add. Only approved Sender ID by the Networks must be entered here otherwise your message will not be delivered and your SMS credits will be wasted. If you are unsure if your Sender ID has been registered, send test SMS to a phone number or contact us to reregister your Sender ID.

Step 7: Add Content

Add your content to the Content field

Step 8: Tracking & Url shortening (Optional)

Check Track Url clicks if you want url in your message to be tracked when receiver opens your message

Step 9: Advanced (Optional)

Choose Flash if you want your message to be delivered as Flash

Step 10: Scheduling (Optional)

Enter the time you want your message to deliver if you are not sending message now

Step 11: Preview

Click Continue to Preview button on the bottom right corner of your page to go to message preview page

Step 12: Launch

Click the launch button on the right to submit your message to the portal for sending


Create broadcast templates to reduce repetitive work.
You can create templates in two ways: While creating a broadcast, you can save it as a template. All inputs except audience will be saved in the template.
Click Create template in the Templates tab.
Each template has an icon showing the channel, name, and number of communications in which it has been used. You can tag it, duplicate, edit and create broadcasts from templates.

Create Broadcasts Faster

If you are sending similar messages weekly or even daily, avoid repetitive work by: Loading templates in the new broadcast Loading existing broadcasts in the new one Duplicating existing communication on the All Communication screen

Loading Templates in the New Broadcast

Click on the Import data button and choose a template you would like to use from the list of templates that appear in the panel on the right-hand side. When using templates, you need to set the audience each time, since audiences are not stored in the template.

Loading Existing Broadcasts in the New One

Click on the Import data button and choose a template you would like to use from the list of existing broadcasts that appear in the panel on the right-hand side.

Duplicating Existing Communication in the All Communication Page

Once you are on the All Communications page, click on the three dots icon that appears once you hover your pointer over the specific communication. A small menu will show up, click Duplicate. The existing communication will be duplicated.


Messages can be personalized regardless of the channel if you use placeholders. Choose any number of placeholders to personalize your messages.

Placeholder values are filled from the Target profile of each person. If a value is not available, an empty space will be displayed instead. Placeholders can be default ones like first and last name, but you can also set anything your business case requires. This can be defined in the Custom Attributes section in the Target module.


You can view the metrics in Broadcast to better understand how your communication efforts are fairing so you can adjust any messages you plan to send to your customers in the future. Click the Communicate icon, click the Metrics link in the communication in question and the Analyze View page will open together with the metrics and graphs that will give you a better performance overview.


The communication you create will appear as a list and it will show the campaign status: active, canceled, drafted. Any finished or drafted communication that has not been updated more than 90 days will be deleted.


You can check your message log to know status of your message e.g. delivered, pending, etc without generating and downloading delivery report
Go to Analyze icon on the top left corner of the page, click LOGs tab and choose the LOGs parameters on the left column or enter your message Sender ID or phone number in the search field 


Scroll to the top left corner of the page, click Analyze icon and click Reports tab, click CREATE REPORT and enter the report parameters and generate custom reports
Available Actions
When you want to generate the report, click Get Report > Create, and the file will be sent to your email address. To create custom reports, click the link inside the Get Report window.

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