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Bulk SMS

Financial route is used by financial institutions who desire to achieve premium deliverability to receivers or customers including delivery to DND numbers and its use is subject to discretionary approval by Operators. It is ideal for delivering Transactional Alerts, One Time Passwords (OTPs), etc. Marketing route is the normal route used by every Bulk SMS user for marketing or general use. Marketing route does not require getting approval from Operators before sending SMS to receivers. Use of Marketing route does not require documentary registration with Operators unlike Financial route which requires user to submit a copy of CAC certificate and a written Letter of Intent on company’s letterhead

Presently, only Financial route can deliver SMS to all Networks DND numbers while Corporate route can deliver SMS to only MTN DND numbers. Apply for Financial or Corporate route now.

NCC requires that Bulk SMS users must register sender ids with Operators to before sending SMS to recipients. The policy is to reduce incidence of fraud by fraudsters. Use of Marketing No documentary registration required unlike Financial route.

NO. Messages sent to DND Numbers are not billed.

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