Bulk SMS

Reach more customers with Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is a powerful communication channel because of its ability to reach millions of people in a single broadcast. As a business, use Bulk SMS to engage your customers, pass product information and promo, provide timely support, and communicate company news and updates.

Experience Bulk SMS differently on DeftureSMS.com OMNI Channel Messaging platform.

Accurate DND Message Filtering

Experience real time Do Not Disturb(DND) filtering with zero billing for DND messages. Our transparent billing with operator grade error reporting is what sets up apart from the competition

High Speed Delivery

Our Bulk SMS service delivers fast in record speed. A robust and intelligent platform with efficient carrier connections ensures your messages are routed with utmost efficiency to the destination networks. 

Reliable Message Scheduling

Experience true freedom with the power of message scheduling. Use scheduling feature to deliver your message any time of the day, week, month or year. Trust our platform to do the job while you focus on priority tasks.


Accurate and deep reporting is the heart great Bulk SMS service. Our operator grade reporting allows us to break down delivery report to granulated level where you can make sense of your campaign for fast decision making. Calibrate your report to suit your style.

Accelerated Sender ID Registration

Leverage our efficient system to get your Sender ID registered quickly for your SMS campaign. We get your Sender ID registered with all Operators between 1 and 2 business days.

Take your business forward

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